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Welcome to my web site!

Please feel free to browse these pages and read about my most recently published books and what people are saying about them. While you’re at it, be sure to take a look at my Blog—I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of the inspirational poetry, thought provoking articles and excerpts from a few of my books.

As a published author I receive many questions about my writing. Probably the most common, and certainly the most important, is why do I write? For me that’s an easy one—because I love it. Many years ago I was lucky enough to discover that writing poetry, stories for children and books for adults were some of my greatest pleasures. It wasn’t just the thrill of putting my innermost thoughts and daydreams on a piece of paper. But the rush I feel when someone looks me in the eye and says gosh, I just loved your new book. Now that’s satisfying!

Unfortunately it took me a bit longer than most to decide I wanted to be a professional writer. I remember several years ago my father telling me what an interesting life he had had. He said, “I’ve seen and done so many things in my life I could write a book.” But sadly, he never did! Shortly after that, with the encouragement of my wife, Madeline, I began my professional writing career.

Kent D. Walsh

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